Luxury unleashed
All full service grooms add to your pet's comfort by including anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and toe nails trimmed,  Hydro massage bath, with aroma therapy and spa music for a calming Spa Groom.
Signature Groom
Your pampered pooch will be trimmed to flatter Fido's true breed style. Pets will strut with confidence and style with this expertly scissored and coiffured full service groom.
Park Place Groom
Your pooch will indulge in a make over that's both pleasing to the eye and yet serviceable in length to be stepping out in style at the park. This is a shorter style full service grooming to match active life styles.

Bath Brush and Beyond
This pampering session has your dog turning heads at his favourite hang out with his meticulously detailed coat.  This shed less full service treatment is highly sought after.

Splash and Dash
This mini make over is for in-between grooming to keep your pet smelling fresh and mat free . It includes a bath and dry, ears cleaned and nails trimmed, for pets groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Maternity Trim
This is for our soon to be mothers.  Bellies are trimmed closer as well as sanitary areas for ease with whelping and feeding her new litter. This groom can be with or without bath depending on how close to due date she is. This groom does Not include anal glands.

Private Sessions
This is for our special needs group: Seniors or Post operative pets that require that Special Touch.

Owners can stay with their pets for this groom giving their special loved one the emotional support they need.  These trims are usually short and comfy.