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Cat Grooming

Lion King
This is for the cat that is very much in touch with their wild side. A main to boast about and lion tail remain,
giving your pet that distinctive look

This cat trim is short and sleek.  Your cat will roar with pride

This trim is for those feeling a little shy, she will have a Brazilian bikini and sanitary area leaving her looking sheik and ready to prowl.

This is a bath, brush and beyond showing of your sleek appearance.  A highly sought after de shedding program.

Kitten Mittens
Is your feline friend scratching up your furniture. Try one of our signature claw cap treatments. We will glove each nail in a coloured Soft Claw cap.  Multiple colours available $28.00.


Cat Grooming services range between $80.00 - $125.00
Includes nails trimmed and ears cleaned