Luxury unleashed
 Blooming Tails is a state-of-the-art grooming studio owned by
 Carol Boles,  a National Certified Master Groomer.
 A dedicated 2nd generation groomer with over 30 years salon
 experience. Blooming Tails is not a traditional salon where
 assembly-line grooming is the norm. A home studio with limited
 daily appointments ensures a one on one professional
attention for your pet.
 Blooming Tails focuses on quality grooming and fast service
 to help lower stress to your companion pet.
 I offer some of the best skin care shampoos, conditioners,
 re-moisterizing, and shedding treatments available. All
 spa services include BlueBerry Facial, Aromatherapy, and spa music.
 If you own a Handsome Hound, Majestic Mutt, or a Pedigreed Pal
 they will all enjoy the true spa experience.